Who We Are

The 272 men and women of the Polar Tankers fleet are among the most highly trained mariners in the world. Many of our mariners live in the ports to which our ships sail, so they have a special interest in protecting the waters where they work, live and use the pristine natural resources of those areas.

The five vessels operated by Polar Tankers are among the most modern ships operating in the world today. They are completely double-hulled with fully redundant operating and navigation systems, twin engine rooms – each capable of propelling the vessel at full capacity. The double hull is 3 meters wide, versus the mandated 2 meters, for extra protection for the environment.

Polar Tankers, Inc. is based in the main ConocoPhillips complex in Houston, Texas, with satellite offices in Ferndale, Wash., and Valdez, Alaska.


The words are not proprietary to our company but the combination and the acronym are pure ConocoPhillips.

About Us

Polar Tankers ensures that crude supplies are delivered safely and efficiently, while protecting the highly sensitive environments in which we operate.