Polar Tankers operates five Endeavour-class tankers in the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline System (TAPS) trade, loading crude oil in the Port of Valdez, Alaska, and delivering to terminals within Puget Sound, Wash.; San Francisco and LA/Long Beach, Calif.; and Hawaii. 

The Operations Leadership consists of the Manager of Fleet Operations and a Marine Superintendent, located in the ConocoPhillips Main Complex in Houston, Texas, two Marine Superintendents located at our Bellingham, Washington office, and another Marine Superintendent is located in our Valdez, Alaska office in proximity to the Valdez Marine Terminal. 

The Operations Team manages the safe, reliable and efficient transport of oil on our double hull vessels – planning, coordinating and monitoring of all aspects of the Polar Tankers fleet. For the Operations Team to provide these services, it collaborates with our Engineering and Commercial Marine departments, with support from HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental), Quality, Contract Services and Human Resource departments.

The Operations Team ensures compliance with local, state and federal regulatory agencies. Marine Superintendents also engage in environmental outreach and partnerships within the communities served by our operations.

Polar Tankers has a long history of Marine emergency response drills and training. Currently Polar Tankers is supported by the Corporate HSE and GIMAT (Global Incident Management Assist Team) groups for emergency spill response and salvage. Polar Tankers continues to lean forward, into the future by including a virtual command post component to our emergency response toolbox. Utilizing this “Best Commercially Available Technology,” will allow for improved response, with better efficiency and effectiveness.

Polar Tankers, Inc. employs 272 sea-going personnel. The Houston-based Fleet Staffing Coordinators efficiently staff the tankers with fully documented and trained professionals. Our Training Director is responsible for the training and development of our mariners to meet the requirements of their current position and to prepare them for future advancement.

The seagoing personnel are represented by two separate and independent unions. The Atlantic Maritime Officers Association represents the ships’ officers. The Atlantic Maritime Employees Union represents the unlicensed seafarers.